A fantastic final day at Minnesota Fats on Sunday. WPBSA in conjunction with Scottish Snooker putting 10 Scottish Snooker coaches through a four day certified WPBSA grade 2 coaching coarse (Top level). Much work is still to be done for the guys to achieve their certificate but this is a huge step forward in increasing the work towards further growing our academy structure and increasing the number of youngsters playing snooker & billiards in Scotland. I would like to thank all who have participated and wish them well with their coaching.

A big thanks to WPBSA coaching staff Chris Lovell, Andrew Highfield and Steve Davis MBE.

Paul Marinello (Chairperson)

From left to right.

Pat McKinney
Andrew Highfield (WPBSA)
David Johnston
Steve Davis MBE
Soheil Vahedi (professional)
Chris Lovell (WPBSA)
Paul Jamison
Michael Gallacher
Kevin Glen
Martin Cook
Alan McCabe
George Cunningham
Anthony McGill (professional)