Scottish Open 2017 - The Emirates Arena Glasgow

Scottish Snooker 2017-18

The new snooker season is underway… 2017-18 is here and it’s time to put all those hours of dedicated practice to good use and test them against your fellow competitors.

Scottish Junior Coaching Academy Minnesota Fats Glasgow - Saturday 25th November 2017Below is the calendar of events until the end of the year. Take part, fulfill your potential and your dreams… Take a step towards your goals whether it be to qualify or win a particular competition… It starts right here by taking part.

Plan your tournaments for the year… knuckle down and get practicing as much as you can… Best of luck for the new season ahead!

Scottish Snooker Admin

Scottish Snooker Calendar 2017-18 Season

Scottish Junior Coaching Academy - Locarno Snooker Club, Edinburgh, Saturday 25th November 10am