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The National Governing Body for Snooker & Billiards in Scotland



a) It is the responsibility of the player to ensure they are aware of all published conditions, event dates, venue locations, registration times and dress codes for all events.

All events will be played in accordance with the Company’s National Tournament Structure policy

All formats and seeding positions may be subject to change due to prevailing circumstances, necessary amendments and entry levels

b) Caledonian Snooker Ltd. will not be held responsible for a player’s lack of knowledge in this respect.


a) Entry to National Ranking Events is open to any member player in the respective categories, except those on The World Snooker Main Tour.

b) No player shall be allowed to compete in any event unless Membership and the relevant Entry Fees have been paid.

3.00 REGISTRATION & availability to play:

a) All players must register with the tournament director on arrival at the venue. Failure to register before the draw is made will result in exclusion from the tournament draw. There will be no exceptions for any reason.

b) Any player participating in a regional qualifying section must register and play at the nearest venue to his home

c) If a player is not present to play when called at the start of a match, then the following ruling applies until he arrives,

1. Start time-forfeit the first frame.
2. 15 minutes later- forfeits a second frame.
3. 5 minutes later- forfeits a third frame.
4. 5 minutes later- forfeits a fourth frame.

5. In matches involving an interval after 4(four) frames the 15(fifteen) minute interval time is allowed at the end of which the match is then forfeit.

Table allocations for the first matches are made by random draw. Thereafter all matches are played on a “roll on roll off” basis on the first available table. No player will be allowed choice of table under any circumstances.



All players participating in National tournaments will dress in such a manner to uphold the standards of the game.

Outrageous and unkempt appearance will not be tolerated, including the wearing of collarless shirts, jeans, and training shoes or similar.

Acceptability of dress will be at the discretion of the tournament official, whose decision is final

The Dress Code for all National Ranking Events is as follows:

a) Casual Dress Code:- Short sleeved shirt or polo shirt, dress trousers and dress shoes. Jeans, trainers or casual tops etc. will not be acceptable

b) Full Dress Code:- Dress long sleeved shirt, Bowtie, Waistcoat, Dress trousers, Dress shoes.

c) Failure to comply with the dress code will not prevent participation on the day of an event. However, failure may be the subject of disciplinary action after the event.

5.00 THE DRAW:

a) All Tournament Draws will be carried out on the day of the event, or starting times prior to that day at another event if necessary.



a) The Tournament Director will be responsible for recording entries and the collection of fees, supervising the tournament draw, and ensuring that the event is concluded in accordance with the conditions.

b) All players must comply with the director’s instructions and decisions at all times, including those not adequately covered by these rules.


a) Players are expected at all times to behave in a proper and sporting manner in accordance with THE PLAYERS’ CODE OF CONDUCT.

b) Any physical, verbal abuse or improper behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in the match being stopped. Any offending player will be suspended from the event and may be subject to disciplinary action.

c) All players shall treat Club staff in a respectful manner at all times and comply with the venue rules and conditions.

d) In the absence of a referee for any match:-

  1. The non-striker will re-spot pocketed balls and call out the striker’s break score after each pot in an audible manner.
  2. Only the striker shall record his score on the scoreboard, and his opponent should confirm the score before playing in turn.
  3. Losing players are responsible for re setting of table or return of balls.
  4. The winning player is responsible for returning the result to the Tournament director.
  5. A five-minute personal break from the match is allowed during any match session.
  6. A player will be allowed a maximum of fifteen minutes to re-tip or mend his cue. If after 15 minutes the player does not re-commence play, then the match will be awarded to his opponent.
  7. Mobile phones must be switched off during match play.

e) Session breaks:- There will be a 15 minute interval after 4 frames in any match session more than 8 frames. A player may take a break of 20 minutes after two matches during group stages and between any two matches during knockout stages.

f) Any member who makes a derogatory statement pertaining to the conditions of match tables, or the venue, during an event will be liable to disciplinary action if found against


a) Should any player withdraw participation during an event, all ranking points and prize money earned up to the point of withdrawal shall be awarded at the discretion of the Board

Any player who fails to turn up for a scheduled match during a ranking tournament without notifying the Tournament director in advance, will automatically forfeit any accrued prize money and ranking points in that event, and be automatically suspended from the next event, unless a satisfactory explanation is received by the Board within seven days, or it is obvious that extenuating circumstances have prevailed.

  • NB. A scheduled match also includes a seeded player’s prospective first match in an event.

Should any player feel unwell during an event, they will be allowed one time-out period of 30 minutes between matches to facilitate recovery. Should they still feel unwell they may withdraw their participation at the discretion of the tournament director.

b) All players involved in a group stage of an event have an obligation to complete ALL matches within their group.

Any player who withdraws from an event during the group stages will automatically forfeit any accrued prize money and ranking points in that event, and be may be suspended from the next event, unless it is obvious that extenuating circumstances have prevailed, such as illness or a family emergency.

In the event of player withdrawal in the group stages, all matches involving that player become null and void. The group will then be re-organised by the tournament director to allow the requisite number of matches to be concluded with the remaining players, taking into account the matches already concluded successfully or all matches / frames will be awarded to the opponent and points adjusted. This will be decided by the tournament director as required.


a) Subject to a disciplinary process, Caledonian Snooker Ltd may fine, suspend, deduct ranking points, withhold prize money, expel or take any other action to resolve any breach not expressly covered by of these rules.


a) Any complaints regarding match participation shall in the first instance be made to the Tournament Director, and thereafter, if necessary, be made in writing to Scottish Snooker within 7 days of the event

b) The Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and will advise the complainant on the procedure to be taken within 7 days


We endeavour to pay all prize money out in the form of a bank transfer.