Main Tour Event 1 Last 48.
Locarno, Edinburgh.
Sunday 29th September 2019

As it was such a well supported event we will be starting slightly earlier.
There will be a 10am, 11am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm registration times. A roll on roll off system will operate.

Draw will be done on the day.

The following should be at Locarno for a 10am start:

Michael Philbin
Sean Boxall
Hugh Adams
Mark Owens
Ali McDonald
Adam MacLeod
Sean Iqbal
Gary Campbell
Amaan Iqbal
Liam Graham
Ayaan Iqbal
Kenny White
Roy Ian Muckart
Aldo Simmonelli
Jim Rushforth
Barry Lee

These players should arrive for 11am:

Derek Pattison
Michael Bissett
Michael Leslie
Jamie Thomson
Scott Morrison
Matt Hodgins
James Ford
Dougie Melrose
Manmeet Kainth
Garry Hendry
Derek Hudson
Roger Singh
Stewart Muir
Martin Cook
Neil Owen
Mark Bell

Arrive for 12.30pm:
Ross Muir
Dean Young
Ross Vallance
Michael Collumb
Lee Mein
David Greig
Barry Campbell
Dylan Gault

Finally for 1.30pm:

Gary Thomson
Marc Davis
Darren Ellis
Chris Totten
William Thomson
Mark Oaten
Dale Smith
Alex Coutts