Main Tour Rankings 2015-16


All qualifiers involved in prelim match at a last 40/48 will receive 40 ranking pts.
All losing last 32 players (qualifiers) will receive 41 ranking points.
A last 32 seeded player who loses will receive 30 ranking points.
All players who top their their group at a qualifying event will be given priority at last 40/48 events to progress to the last 32 without the need to be involved in a prelim match as far as is possible depending on numbers.

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Masters Tour Event 4 – Last 16 Results

Masters Tour Event 4
Last 16 Results

Last 16
Paul Jamieson 3-1 Hugh Adams
Jim Rushforth 3-1 Gary Kinnear
Matt Hodgins 3-0 Michael Philbin
Darren Ellis 3-0 John McPhillips
Lee McAllister (53) 3-1 David Clark
Barry Campbell 3-0 Martin Cook
Richy McDonald (80, 85) 3-0 Mike Watson
Gary Thomson (79) 3-2 George Cunningham

Quarter Finals
Paul Jamieson 3-2 Jim Rushforth
Darren Ellis 3-0 Matt Hodgins
Lee McAllister (65) 3-0 Barry Campbell
Richy McDonald 3-2 Gary Thomson

Semi Finals
Paul Jamieson 4-3 Darren Ellis
Richy McDonald 4-2 Lee McAllister

Final – Date to be arranged
Paul Jamieson v Richy McDonald