World Billiards Draw Commencing 20th October

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Main Tour Event 3 Results – Bellshill, 2nd December 2018

Main Tour Event 3 Results

Ayaan Iqbal 2-3 Alistair Kay
Garry Hendry 2-3 Lewis Murphy
Amaan Iqbal 3-2 Ian Gilles
Liam Graham (Walkover) v Keith Dempster
Barry Lee 3-1 Pat Killen
Scott Gault (Walkover) v Alan Miller
David Greig 3-2 Michael Bisset
Hugh Adams 2-3 David Grant

Last 32
Craig MacGillivray 3-1 Richy McDonald
Martin Craig 3-0 Amaan Iqbal
Lee Mein 3-1 Abid Mansoor
Mark Oaten 0-3 Barry Lee
Dean Young 1-3 (66) Liam Graham
Alex Coutts 3-0 Dale Smith
Roger Singh 3-0 Kenny White
Gary Thomson 3-0 (77) Jamie Thomson
Fraser Patrick v Scott Morrison (Walkover)
Garry Palmer 1-3 David Greig
Dylan Gault 3-2 Scott Gault
Marc Davis 3-1 Stewart Muir
William Thomson (47) 3-1 Alistair Kay
Darren Ellis 3-0 David Grant
Barry Campbell 3-1 Lewis Murphy
Ross Vallance 3-2 Michael Collumb

Last 16
Craig MacGillivray 3-0 Martin Craig
Lee Mein 3-1 Barry Lee
Liam Graham 3-0 Alex Coutts
Gary Thomson 3-0 Roger Singh
Scott Morrison 3-1 David Greig
Marc Davis 3-0 Dylan Gault
Darren Ellis (55, 51) 3-1 William Thomson
Ross Vallance 3-0 Barry Campbell

Quarter Finals
Craig MacGillivray 3-1 Lee Mein
Gary Thomson 3-1 Liam Graham
Marc Davis 3-0 Scott Morrison
Ross Vallance 3-0 Darren Ellis

Semi Finals
Gary Thomson (54,69) 4-0 Craig MacGillivray
Ross Vallance (57) 4-3 (63, 62) Marc Davis

Gary Thomson v Ross Vallance

Final will be played on Friday 14th December @ Emirates Arena during the Scottish Open!