Main Tour Event 3 – Prelims and Last 32 – The Ballroom, Bellshill – Sunday 2nd December 2018

Main Tour Event 3 – Prelims & Last 32

Draw for start times was made today in Locarno, witnessed by Paul Marinello, Chris Small, Dean Young, Lee Mein, Tam Young and Anne Marinello.

All prelims register at 10.30am. 

Prelim Players are:
Barry Lee
Liam Graham
Garry Hendry
Pat Killen
Lewis Murphy
Hugh Adams
David W Greig
David Grant
Alistair Kay
Ian Gillies
Keith Dempster
Michael Bissett
Scott Gault
Ayaan Iqbal
Alan Miller
Amaan Iqbal

11.30am Register(play will start asap): 

Craig MacGillivray,
Gary Thomson,
Dean Young,
Mark Oaten,
Roger Singh,
Lee Mein,
Alex Coutts,
Martin Craig,
Richy McDonald,
Jamie Thomson,
Kenny White,
Dale Smith &
Abid Manzoor

12.30pm Register (play will start asap): 

Ross Vallance,
Fraser Patrick,
Marc Davis,
William Thomson,
Darren Ellis,
Garry Palmer,
Dylan Gault,
Barry Campbell,
Scott Morrison,
Michael Collumb &
Stewart Muir.