Scottish Open Championship Last 32 Draw

Main Tour 3 – Sunday 3 December

The draw witnessed by Paul Marinello, Scott Donaldson, Ross Vallance, Derek Dudgeon, Robert Simpson & Alec Coutts is as follows…

Players to arrive at 10.30am for Prelim Draw –Main Tour 3 - Scottish Open Championship Last 32 - Sunday 3rd December 2017

Daniel Wylie,
Jim Rushforth,
Pat Killen,
Kevin Glen,
Lewis Murphy,
Scott Dunbar,
Imran Nisar,
Kris Inglis,
Derek Dudgeon,
Dean Young,
Gary Campbell,
Derek Pattison,
Dale Smith,
George Cunningham

These players are to arrive at 11.30am –

(Top Half)
Ross Vallance,
Andy Gerrie,
Dylan Gault,
Darren Ellis,
Michael Philbin,
Mark Oaten,
Liam Graham,
Garry Palmer,
Sean Iqbal,
Lee Mein,
William Thomson,
Jamie Thomson

These players are to arrive at 12.30pm –

(Bottom Half)
Fraser Patrick,
Michael Collomb,
Lee McAllister,
Robert Carlisle,
Martin Cook,
Gary Thomson,
Michael Bisset,
James Ford,
Stewart Muir,
Alex Coutts,
Barry Campbell,
Barry Lee,
Marc Davis

The Final will be played at Emirates Arena, Glasgow, in front of the Scottish Open Quarter Finals crowd…